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Travel conditions and services
Travel conditions!

1. The present ticket issued by "OMEGA GROUP 84" LTD ., suthorises the owner to travel by bus thoughout the indicated itinerary with his personal baggage consisting of 1(one) suit case and 1(one) handbag.Any additional baggage will be charged at set fares.
2. The holder of the present ticket is insured against accidents during the travel.
3. If the holder of the ticket wishes not to travel , he or she may return the ticket no later then 72 hrs., before the time of departure , 10% of the value will be deducted. A forfeit of 50% of the value will be deducted if the ticket is returned up to 25 hrs. prior departure.If the ticket is returned in less than 24 hrs. before departure there will be no refunds.
4. Tickets issued with confirmed return will be valid for 90 days after the date of departure.
5. For delays due to customs and other casualties, "OMEGA GROUP 84" LTD., has no liability.
6. In case of failure through "OMEGA GROUP 84" LTD, fault the company will compensate only the no realize part of the trip.
7. Passengers personally responsible for damages caused by him on the vehicle.

"OMEGA GROUP84" LTD offers to its passengers comfortable travel available are2 monitors, a coffee - maker, bar.